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Miraria Gem and Botanical Youthing Products are a healing line of face, body, and home products created with Mother Earth's 100% natural plant, flower, stem extracts, and gemstones.  My passion and understanding of the wisdom and healing capabilities of gemstones and alchemy, combined with plant and flower essences all residing on our precious planet, culimated in the creation of Miraria . . .  all created with the frequency and power of love to revitalize and nourish our face and body. 


Miraria products contain NO parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, gluten, mineral oil, ethanolamine, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colors, and are vegetarian, no animal testing, and cruelty free.


Our body is our largest organ and everything we place on it goes into the dermis and reaches our cells. When we place toxic ingredients onto our skin, we are causing our liver, panceas, and kidneys to work harder to rid itself of toxic matter.  This use of unhealthy products has drastically contributed to the increase in dis-ease we are experiencing.  If we begin to feed our skin 100% naturally pure ingredients our body will heal and rejuvenate, we will feel this at a deep soul level, our spirit intuitively knowing the healing benefits and we experience the visable results!


Miraria products are used by gently applying them directly to the face and body or spraying directly on the face, body, and throughout the home. Miraria's Reverse Aging Youthing Products and Gem Healing Sprays all contain a Lemurian Quartz Crystal as well as other gemstones which elavate healing vibration and frequency. 


Miraria means "miracle" in the Basque language and means so much to me as I am one half Basque, love Spain, and have family in Madrid, Guernica, and Bilboa.  The sunflower is the symbol of Miraria as a tribute to the gorgeous cascading fields of sunflowers in Spain.  Sunflowers are also very healing to the body whether as digested or used as a topical oil.


I am a lifelong student, with immense awe, wonder, and joy of our beautiful planet Earth.  My passions include ancient mysteries, culture, gemstones, botany, alchemy, and Universal Kaballah.  I have a Graduate Gemology degree from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), BS in Economics from San Diego State University, Jewelry Design from FIT NY, Advanced Crystal Healing certification with Katrina Raphael of the Crystal Academy on Kauai, 2nd degree initiate at the Modern Mystery School and study at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy with Kurt Schnaubelt.  I am an author of a middle grade children's book called The Adventures of Julia the Generosity Genie - Hunt for the Green Jade Mask about the Mayan culture, gemstone Jade, and living a life of peace, play, passion, power, and prosperity.  My greatest love and joy is being a mother to Sofia - the light and love of my life!


May you honor your body and feel the difference with Miraria!


Love and Blessings,



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