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Gemstone Feng Shui Grid your Home or Office

Gemstone Feng Shui Grid your Home or Office

These Gemstone grids are based on an ancient modality going back 3000 years to King Salomon.  Gemstone Feng Shui Gridding is a grid of activated Lemurian Quartz Crystals placed strategically in your home or office to keep the space powerfully positive and protected.   Deborah first cleanses and clears any old vibrations or negative energy and then imbues the space or property for health, love, healing, protection, joy and abundance.  I highly recommend this service using activated crystals that remain in place to keep the flow of positive and angelic energy inside and negative energy outside.  
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    This service begins at $500 for a 2 bedroom or 1,200 square foot home or office. $1000 for 3,000 square feet or less and $1500 for 3,000-5,000 square feet. For homes or offices 5000 feet or more $2000-3000.
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