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Ultimate Vibrational Gem Healing Session

Ultimate Vibrational Gem Healing Session

Ultimate Vibrational Gemstone Healing - Tuning into your bodies deepest needs, clearing and cleansing.  Access ancient energies of Mother Earth.


I am thrilled to tell you that both the shoulder and lower back pains both vanished by the end of my gem healing session and still today, 15 months later, I am pain free! That fact alone is amazing since in 20 years, not one massage therapist has ever been able to accomplish the same thing. Mark R., Managing Director, Airline business, NY, NY
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    The healing's with Deborah take approximately 2 hours using 12 chakra's or energy centers of the body and placement of specific gemstones. Deborah arrives with five trays of highly vibrational healing gemstones that are placed on the body. The process is deeply restorative, transformative, healing and meditative. One connects with their higher God-self for divine healing and transformation. This information & knowledge resides in the 90% of the brain we have yet to understand.
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